Annette Nykiel

slow maker and artist-researcher

Annette Nykiel PhD is a maker, and an artist-researcher living with Noongar boodja in south west Australia, who wonders about the interdependence of ecological systems including her own in the near coastal wetlands, wandoo woodlands and the ancient salt lakes of the arid lands. Annette is interested in raising the awareness of the value and importance of relating to the materiality and non-human agency of non-urban spaces. Meandering amongst the regional spaces where she lives and works, she notices the weather-world and the ground between her feet. She gleans material and found objects for fibre and textile works, making do with natural fibres, pigments and discarded materials to make marks, create vessels and site-specific installations that tell stories. Annette wanders and tinkers amongst urban, regional and remote areas in a variety of roles as a geoscientist, arts worker, maker and shares skills as workshop facilitator and art project manager. She continues to develop her practice through solo and group shows, residencies, an artist collective and the creative research projects Talking Place and We Must Get Together Some Time.

Currently, she is exploring the woodlands of Dryandra and the surrounding wheatbelt where the streams that eventually flow into the Peel Harvey Estuary begin with the aim of developing a new body of work about the flows of water and the wetlands and their importance. She thinks about the entangled communities that are trees and ways of making these communities visible and appreciated.

  • slow-maker
  • artist-researcher
  • geoscience
  • workshop facilitator
  • arts project manager
  • fibre/textile artist

short interview about Transition exhibition at CASM Mandurah.